Marine Systems

Marine Electronics and Installation Services

Every vessel captain has two basic responsibilities:

  1. Keep the people in the boat and keep them safe
  2. Keep unwanted water out of the boat

Once these two key responsibilities are covered, most people focus on the type of experience they are trying to create while enjoying time on the water. Invision Communications will partner with you to create your ultimate on-water experience for vessels of any size and purpose.  Founded by two PADI professionals and avid spear fishermen that love to be on, in or under the water, we are the Gulf Coast’s go to team to help you outfit your vessel to maximize fun, safety and convenience.

Everything else is beyond my control when I am underway.  At Invision Communications we want to help every boat owner develop and improve on these two fundamental items.  We are happy to pass along our experience and knowledge gained in vessels ranging from kayaks in the mangroves and tributaries chasing snook & redfish to the big water out west where diving is fun, the fish are smart and summer afternoon thunderstorms test even the best captains and vessels making their way back to port through constantly shifting inlets and sand bars.

While sitting for my Merchant Marine Captain’s License, two tenants became clear on what I could bring to any situation to make it safe and fun no matter what Mother Nature, inexperienced boaters or unforgiving seas threw at me.  There are only two things I can bring to any difficult situation which are completely within my control are the following:

  1. Experience and knowledge gained through time on the water, in the classroom and being certified according to tough U.S. Coast Guard Standards.  This enables me to make the highest quality decision in a wide range of conditions and unpredictable situations.
  2. The seaworthiness of my vessel.

It has never been a more exciting time to be a Florida Gulf Coast boater. The wide range of safety & communication equipment, entertainment options, monitoring & sensors technologies that are available to the boating public is better than ever.   Invision Communications leverages our extensive experience designing, installing and testing the latest maritime platforms to help you stay informed and in control of your vessel.  Our experience ranges from simple installation of safety, entertainment and mechanical equipment to complete refitting of vessels with the latest technology platforms to integrate all the sensors and systems.  Our goals is to make your boating experience more reliable, relaxing and fun.

Our digital and mechanical expertise spans the following marine applications:


  • Chart Plotting and Navigational Solutions
  • Auto Pilot
  • Radar
  • Sounders
  • Compasses
  • Lighting
  • Fish Finders


  • VHF & Sideband Marine Radios
  • Satellite Internet/Phone
  • Communication Antennas
  • Loud Hailers

Security, Surveillance, and Imaging

  • Onboard Security Systems and Notification Solutions
  • Digital Video Surveillance and Recording
  • Maritime Night Vision
  • Thermal Imaging

Engine Room Instrumentation and Controls

  • Fuel Flow Monitors
  • Vessel Monitoring
  • Command and Control Equipment for Onboard Systems
  • Pneumatic and Mechanical  Power Generation
  • Electronic Marine Engine and Steering Controls
  • Hydraulic Marine Engine and Steering Controls

Safety & Signal Systems

  • EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)
  • GMDSS (Global Marine Distress and Safety Systems)
  • LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking)
  • AIS (Automatic Identification Systems)
  • DSC (Digital Selective Calling)
  • Marine Safety Products, Solutions, and Equipment

Computers, Displays, and Entertainment Systems

  • Wide Range of Audio/Visual equipment
  • Marine Computers
  • Specialized Displays
  • Customized Solutions and Accessories
  • NMEA 2000 Interfaces for all Devices

Wiring and Mounts

  • Marine Cabling and Equipment
  • Radar, Satellite, and Equipment Mounting Accessories and Solutions


  • Digital Weather Satellite Chart Overlays
  • Meteorological Instruments and Equipment
  • Software
  • Accessories
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