Video Management Systems

Video Management Systems

Your Video Management System gives you control over the access, organization and control of your video surveillance system through the management console.  We will work with you to design a system based on your specific business needs determining what cameras, storage capacity and right software for managing them.


Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access to Your Environment

You can rest easy knowing that with an internet connection, you can easily view your business environment day or night, through your computer, smartphone or tablet. The addition of a mobile application provides you remote access and control of multiple surveillance sites including:

  • Live video from one or multiple cameras
  • Event triggering
  • Control pan-tilt-zoom cameras
  • Search and playback video

Using Video Analytics to Make Better Decisions

Hiring or contracting a dedicated employee to monitor your surveillance system 24/7/365 is not feasible for most companies. Video Analytics provide surveillance systems with intelligent, real time insights and generate notifications when activated by set parameters determined by you.  Video management systems can be integrated with advanced analytics to provide notifications triggered by a variety of policy violations, object detection or removal, suspicious activity or other security-related events.

You can also use the video analytics to monitor customer behavior and trends. For example, retailers can detect areas of increased foot traffic in of a store providing valuable information and insight regarding high product interest and appropriate product placement.

Getting High Quality Images Means Selecting the Right Camera

Common belief is that the higher the megapixel, the better the image quality.  This is not necessarily true when choosing security cameras; image quality isn’t just obtaining the highest megapixel camera, you must also take into consideration specific needs for your surveillance system. Factors ranging from storage capacity, indoor and/or outdoor environments, how much coverage is needed, lighting conditions, overview or high detail will all determine the right image quality that most effectively meets your requirements.

Integrated Systems Provide a Comprehensive View of Your Network and Facilities

With open platform IP video surveillance integration with your access control system, your cameras provide an additional layer of valuable protection by capturing visual evidence on-demand if a security event is detected.

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